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Zen Cart E-Commerce Shopping Cart

by ajeh, drbytezen, nutzforzen, wilt

Zen Cart is a PHP e-commerce shopping cart program. Built on a foundation of OScommerce GPL code, Zen Cart an easy-to-setup and run online store. Zen Cart is for selling online. Zen Cart is completely customizable ecommerce.

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  • easy installation
  • multiple customer modes
  • unlimited category depth
  • multiple sales and discounts
  • unlimited extra pages
  • multiple payment options
  • multiple shipping options
  • discount coupons
  • gift certificates
  • multiple language
  • completely customizable

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78% of 432 users recommend this project
  • Thumbs up

    Zen Cart is a great product, but I'm appalled that is uses MyISAM as the default storage engine! MyISAM should never be used for applications where data integrity is more important than speed. InnoDB is the MySQL engine of choice for high-volume transactional systems. A first year database analyst could tell you that. InnoDB = transactions, row-level locking, foreign keys. This is essentially the same as the default engine in proper enterprise relational DB's - Oracle, SQL Server, DB2.

    posted by anonymous 347 days ago
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  • Thumbs up

    I use Zen Cart for my business' ecommerce. It is reliable, and the support community is great. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to put together an ecommerce system quickly.

    posted by anonymous 401 days ago
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  • Thumbs up

    Zencart is amazing, I cannot stress enough how much time it saved me from coding all the php by hand!!! Got my store going fast and I can help others setup stores now too! Thank you so much! Great support on the internet too, any problem can be solved in less than 5 minutes I have learned! Good stuff, thanks again.

    posted by anonymous 419 days ago
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